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For the past several decades the concept of matrix sales has been touted as the future of selling. It is true the more frequent and consistent prospects see a product advertisement or sales presentation the greater the chance of that prospect to purchase your product. But as companies increased the frequency and intensity of their sales efforts; customers have equally created new tactics for defending against these promotions. Today’s customers, with access to so many tools at their disposal for gathering product and service information, has become very sophisticated buyers. Selling today is more than increasing the repetition sales impressions or expanding the variety of modes for making a product impact. Customers have the convenience of selecting the medium and time frame they want to make a buying decision.

Relationship sales method, is still the strongest most consistent criteria for making a purchasing decision. After prospective customers have researched a product or service though whatever wide range of mediums they have, most still rely on a personal reference. Most people do not make a buying decision with consulting a friend, family member, or business associate.

Thus proving the most effect sales person a company can have, for their product or service, is a satisfied customer who then tells other prospective customers of their positive experience(s). Such a satisfied customer has to be considered, by the prospective customer, as having established trustworthiness. This Effective Sales Person is proven to be an objective individual who does not have direct relationship for personal gain regarding the buying decision.

Another effective relationship selling experience is when a sales representative has distinguished themselves to the level of becoming a sustained resource for a customer’s organization. A sustained resource is a sales person who has built a long time trust worthy reputation with a customer’s organization to the extent that they ultimately become an active participant in their customers buying decisions. In most cases such buying decision inclusions are related to products and services that sustain resource represents, but the deeper the sustained resources becomes valued, due to their knowledge and expertise, into the customer organization the greater the extent to which they are involved in their customer’s business decisions. The status of sustain resource takes years of consistent behavior to establish such trust. These are sales people who become very selective as to the companies they will work for since they understand the powerful influence of their reputation.

Relationship sales is not a short term experiment for immediate sales, it is the long term commitment to the future continuous success. The longer an organization has experienced consistent growth the more important the role of Relationship sales continues to play. Relationship sales methods have existed a long time and they play a very large role in organization with long histories of continuous growth. When the goal of an organization is building for long term continuous growth then it is important to make a commitment into relationship sales.

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