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Behavior begets behavior

What a person is at age 7 is what they will be at age 70.

Bullies are a result of their early environment. The longer they are allowed to bully, or worse, are encouraged to bully, the deeper entrenched the behavior becomes. If the pattern is allowed to continue after age seven, a bully will be a bully for life. If under the supervision of a strong respected leader their bulling behavior may be controlled. But if a control figure is not diligent, or if removed, the bully will revert to bully behavior.

A person’s value system is established early in life. The first seven years of life are very important to how a person will act the rest of their life. So, how a 7 year old behaves is going to be very similar to how that same person will act when they are 70 years old. The only thing changing is the effect their behavior can have on others. The behavior they project and attributes they most internalize as important are securely in place. Like an amplifier, the more power or money a person possesses the stronger these values are displayed.

Money/power makes people more of what they are.

Those who are philanthropic will give more.

Those who are bullies will attack more.

Those who have a drug problem will become addicted.

Those with a drinking problem will become an alcoholic.

Those who volunteer their time will give more of themselves.

So when a bully obtains power or wealth their behavior becomes even more exaggerated. The example of people who amass great wealth in a short period of time, they have more money to spend on favorite activities. If they enjoyed gambling, the bets and losses become greater. If it is drug use, the amount is greater.

In contrast, those who give of themselves and experience great wealth become even more philanthropic, helping those less fortunate than themselves. Examples are Bill Gates or Warren Buffet who contribute huge amounts of money to charitable causes.

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