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Happy 4th of July


The continental congress, in Philadelphia, PA., led by President John Hancock voted on July 2, 1776 to declare independence from Britain (not July 4).

John Hancock was the first of 56 signatures on The Declaration of Independence. It took months to obtain all of the signer’s signatures. As of August 2, 1776 there were 51 signatures, the exact date of the last signature is not known.

The signatures were made by representatives from the original 13 states. Can you name the original 13 states?

The first five US Presidents were signers of the Declaration of Independence. Can you name them?

The first fireworks display took place in Philadelphia, July 4, 1777.

The US Constitution was not signed until 1787.

Every July 4th at 2 PM Eastern Time the Liberty Bell is rung 13 times, once for each of the original states.

Three signers of the Declaration on Independence died on July 4; Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in 1826, James Monroe in 1831.

Calvin Coolidge is the only US president to have been born on 4th of July 1872.

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