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Lessons in Leadership as taught by a Dog.

People who are not familiar with pack behavior are under the misconception the member of the pack making the most noise, barking, and back-biting with other members of their pack are the Alpha’s. Fact is the members of a pack making the most noise and having the most conflicts with other pack members are the Omega’s, otherwise known as the bottom of the pack. Due to insecurity and fear Omega’s make noise attempting to feel more important by trying to scare others.

True Alpha’s Leaders focus their energy feeding and protecting their pack, not fighting with pack members. Alpha’s do not have to fight with other member of their pack to establish their leadership position, it is naturally recognized by other pack members. The most notable traits of an Alpha include confidence (not arrogance), intelligence (by actions not titles), and sincere concern for other members of the pack.

At an early age puppies recognize the hierarchy of their pack including the Alpha. The same is true of humans, Alphas are recognized by organizational members due to ability, intelligence and contributions to the organization; not artificial titles.

“How to Treat Your Employees Like a Dog”

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