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In my young years I tried to find ways to cover or disguise my many scars. As I have grown older I have realized how important my scars are, they are the merit badges of life’s challenges, some success, but also failures. The failures, mistakes, injuries incurred which produced these scars are the best stories of life. That includes scars not just to me, but also inanimate objects such houses I lived in, cars I have owned, etc. When I look at nicks in a wall; dog scratches on a window sill or a door; bumps and scratches on the side of a car; the mars on my skin and distortions to my joints, they all remind me of stories that have made me who I am.

I feel sorry for those who have lived their life in a bubble, protecting themselves from activities that might produce a scar. I now believe those who have incurred the most scars are probably those who pushed themselves the hardest and furthest; these are the people who have the best stories. Living a life that produces scars, is living a life that challenging oneself. Doing things that are not the easiest, having a lot of great experiences, are also the mistakes that produce the most learning.

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