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Seven Steps to stagnation

Updated: May 2, 2018

1) We have never done it that way.

2) We are not ready for that.

3) We are doing all right with out it.

4) We tried that once before.

5) It cost too much.

6) That is not our responsibility.

7) It won't works.

8) You obviously do not understand; we are different.

You are correct the title says seven steps to stagnation yet the list includes eight. For years when giving my presentation on change I had listed the first seven. Audiences frequent respond to this list by saying, “Russ you obviously don’t understand; we are different”. Everyone believes they are unique, and their business situation is unlike any other. My experience is that basic business principles are true for all business.

Page 204 of the book How to Treat You Employee Like a Dog.

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step to stagnation

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